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Art Files 2

Collect for Output for Adobe® Illustrator® documents. Package up fonts and images for sending out and archiving with Art Files.

Art Files is a stand-alone application that takes the tedious task of collecting Illustrator documents, linked images and fonts for graphics files and turns it into a simple point & click operation. Art Files focuses on gathering just the information you need to get your files packaged up or ready for archiving.

Designers Crave It
Art Files makes packaging artwork simple. Transform the grueling process of finding linked images and identifying font files into a simple drag & drop process.

Bosses Love It
Art Files is a huge productivity boost. Allowing artists to focus on their artwork results in greater efficiency, fewer mistakes and better creative. A happy team, is a productive team.

Techs Embrace It
Art Files is simple to deploy. We provide multi-user licenses as a single serial number. And we can help you with large scale deployments with procedures and packages.

Art Files has the unique ability to collect several documents at once, saving precious time when only minutes stand between overnighting your artwork to the printer and having to hire a high-price door-to-door courier to meet your deadline. In addition to saving time, this feature also cuts down on disk space by collecting shared images and fonts between documents only once.

Art Files is perfect for production artists or anyone who works with graphics files and needs the portability of sending documents to others for editing or printing. Its simple, straight-forward user-interface is sure to make file collection nightmares a thing of the past.

Integrated Quick Look
Scanning through your artwork is simple thanks to Art Files' Quick Look integration. And you can even extend its preview capabilities using Quick Look plug-ins like Art View.

Locate: Spotlight Enabled
Well, you can be sure of it. Two things get lost in this world: Socks and linked images. But at least Art Files 2 has a handy "Locate" button in the toolbar. Now when a link shows up missing, Art Files will scour your drives to recommend other links to replace the ones that deserted you. Maybe it can't help you with your laundry, but at least your art is better off.

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