Advertising Sales Agreement Template

An online advertising agreement is a document by which two parties, the publisher and the customer, establish a relationship in which the publisher undertakes to publish certain advertising content of the customer on a website that the publisher owns or operates. The customer is most often an advertiser who wants a wider audience. Online advertising agreements typically only cover certain limited types of advertising, such as.B. banner, click-through, or multimedia advertising (such as photographic or video advertising). 1.12 “budget” is the advertising budget referred to in clause 5. 7.3 The Advertiser warrants that he uses only the advertising means approved by the Company and indicated in clause 3.1, and that the Publisher undertakes not to use other advertising means without the prior written consent of the Company, and such authorization constitutes a modification in accordance with Clause 9. 2.3 An indication of the intended purpose of the advertisement (whether to promote a given product or service, or to increase awareness of the brand or product, or both). 1.9 Viral advertising encompasses all forms of viral advertising, stealth advertising and advertising using internet memes. 1.8 “Video Advertising” means advertising on, or any other similar video site, public or private. This letter sets out in its entirety the agreement between CRC, Inc. (“COOL1450AM”) and (“Advertiser”) by ___ PandaTip: Change this list to change the types of advertising that are excluded.

PandaTip: The terminology used can be confusing, as online businesses increasingly tend to refer to the creator of the advertised material and the person who promotes (or promotes) such goods or services as a “promoter” as an “advertiser”. In this advertising agreement, we always use the term “company” to refer to the person who sells the product or service and “advertiser” to refer to the person who puts the product up for sale, but you should be aware of this difference in terminology when dealing with online marketing and advertising agencies (and in particular affiliate marketing organizations). PandaTip: It is also very important to define each term in the pricing structure and to conclude an agreement with the advertiser on how this information is tracked and transmitted: for example, the indication that a concluded sale is the one in which the conversion pixel is triggered on the company`s website and not refunded within a week. or that a “click on our site” must be a new unique visitor, as indicated in a Google Analytics account to which both parties have access. 1. For the purposes of the general terms and conditions of sale, the advertiser is both the “advertiser” and the “agency”, as these terms are used there. Advertiser acknowledges that commercial material provided by THE SOURCE may be distributed by THE SOURCE in accordance with the terms of this Agreement….