Artist Management Agreement Pdf

Now that you`ve been introduced to the various managers you meet in the entertainment industry, you may know important clauses that you will find in an artist management contract. Aspiring artists or artists should generally read before signing a contract to ensure that they are protected and that their best interests are taken into account. If you want to sign a management contract, try to find these important clauses. If you find them, take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Hello all Richard Jefferson back to you with another topic this week, I got a lot of management agreements on my desk and I represent both managers and talents, so I somehow know both parts of what to look for and what is not, so I thought I`d give you some clues to stay neutral because I don`t know what will be the case if your manager or your talent but I`ll tell you how to make a fair deal or things you need to think about to make the agreement fair and talk about the first thing your guy about the extent of service most managers and even those I give to other people they`re trying to grow the perimeter, for example, if you manage someone you want to grab all their entertainment activities , that music film television, but if I`m about talent, I want to make it as tight as possible, because maybe this manager doesn`t, maybe this manager doesn`t have the know-how to actually do a certain area that is at the root of every artist`s success, is an assiduous manager who has helped shape the musical career. We wouldn`t listen to the music we love, except for the tandem of artists and managers. Music artists create songs and managers help them broadcast them to the public — phone after the phone call, just to contact radio stations who request that their artist`s songs be played on a loop. In conclusion, artist managers have a very important role to play in advancing the musical careers of our favorite artists. One day we will have our own reputation and we may get an artist management contract.