Bclc Agreement

Kamloops, B.C, June 30, 2020 – Kamloops` tech future is even better with a new agreement between two of the city`s largest tech companies: BCLC and iTel Networks (iTel). The Lottery Merchant Agreement is BCLC`s central legal contract with all lottery merchants. – Pat Davis, VP of Business Technology and CIO, BCLC “Technology diversification for B.C. regional economies requires the active participation of their major technology employers. iTel Networks and BCLC have proven to be catalysts in our community,” said Dr. Lincoln Smith, Executive Director of the Kamloops Innovation Centre. “The two business leaders are directly and indirectly contributing to the creation of the Kamloops ecosystem, in which new technology-based businesses can be created and successful.” Find out in this simple presentation how to complete your GPEB registration [762 KB] Here you will find clear policies on the sale, validation and payment of lottery games. Ad compliance with these policies helps you build public confidence in lottery games and increase customer loyalty. About BCLC: Since 1985, BCLC has been helping communities grow. Thanks to B.C players, more than $23 billion generated by gambling activities has been returned to health, education and community groups in B.C. Learn more here.

In addition to deep roots in the Kamloops technology sector, BCLC and iTel support the Kamloops Innovation Centre (CCI), a not-for-profit technology accelerator. Rink helped create CCI in 2012 and BCLC, in partnership with the CCIs, has since set up an innovation lab on the ground to promote the growth of local tech talent. Make sure your customers can play with confidence. Here you will find BCLC rules and policies for retailers. “After living most of my life in Kamloops, I am deeply invested in this community, both personally and professionally,” added Danny Rink, CEO of iTel Network. “I am pleased that over the past 12 years, we have built iTel into an organization that can support the extensive and robust network requirements of a business organization like BCLC, which will allow iTel to continue to invest in the community and contribute to the development of the Kamloops technology sector.” Through iTel: iTel is the largest network aggregator in Canada and connects all Canadian telecommunications operators to a single multi-continent network that offers one point of contact for each site. Multi-site companies no longer need to cooperate with a large number of Internet, voice and cloud service providers in different regions. iTel is committed to the development of the technology sector in Kamloops.

BCLC Media Relations 604-225-6460 [email protected] Thanks to lottery players and retailers in B.C. The BCLC lottery store helped B.C. $1.4 billion last year to support health, education and community programs across B.C. Under a three-year contract with BCLC, iTel will provide the fast and secure internet connection needed to help BCLC`s retail partners in remote and rural areas of the province sell lottery products. . . .