British Horse Society Loan With View To Buy Agreement

All restrictions on the type of work, the regularity of competitions and the person allowed to ride the horse should be included, as well as specific requirements such as a shaving bed or a particular food. Second, it serves as a record of what has been agreed, so that it can help avoid any misunderstandings as soon as the credit is in effect and the problems are out of control. The use of a formal written document may seem unnecessary among friends, but it is in the interest of both parties, long-standing friendship and the horse. Another example is that the rental player requires that the horse be taken care of by a certain Farrier/veterinarian, where the horse has specific needs. Non-responsibility The documents and notices contained in our “Advice” pages serve only general information purposes, are not designed as legal or technical advice, and should not be used or treated as a substitute for specific advice relevant to certain circumstances. Petplan does not accept guarantees, assurances or commitments regarding the content of “Advice” pages (including, but not limited to quality, accuracy, completeness or adequacy for a specific purpose of this content). If you need advice about a breach of contract, whether it is a sales contract or a loan contract, this is considered a civil matter and professional legal advice is required. For more advice on lending or renting your horse, please contact the British Horse Society (Tel: 08701 202244). Among the basics is the borrower who agrees to take proper care of the animal and take responsibility for the horse when it is in their care. Please indicate that the borrower must have the owner`s permission before the horse is dropped off and what should happen if the owner cannot be contacted in an emergency. You are largely free to draw the chord you want with the other party.

There is very little that, for some legal reason, cannot be included in your contract. So if you want to specify details like power, you can do it, or you can keep the terms wide. We offer you as many additional details on the points that are important to you. Remember that you need to be realistic about whether the other party will be able to execute the contract and stick to it. For a loan to work well, both parties must agree on their responsibilities and ensure that all contingencies are planned, especially what will happen when the loan expires unexpectedly.