Consortium Agreement Template South Africa

——— question: “11. 11.1. Is the WP manager the same as the WP manager? There is no definition of the manager. Question: “11. Governance. 11.1 a) (ii) Work package manager: What is not yet defined needs to be clarified. Is this the leader of the work package? Question: “11. Governance. 11.1. This is contrary to Article 7, where the tasks assigned to the work package manager correspond to the tasks assigned to the head of the work package consortium. He`s supposed to be the head of the WP consortium. There is a similar inconsistency between the RfP document, section 6, first enumeration point, and the work instruction document, section 4.1, point 2.” Answer: The work declaration requires a “Consortium Project Manager” as a one-stop shop with the SKA organization.

The term “Consortium Project Manager” should be used in place of “Work Package Manager.” The consortium may choose a “Work Package Consortium Leader”) for the management of internal affairs. [CA]. Letter of Intent (“LoI”). It is expected that the consortia will enter into negotiations with the SKA organization before their certification body is agreed and executed, and that a law by and between consortium members will be introduced in Dies to establish a Memorandum of Understanding prior to the implementation of the CA Template LoIs is available here – Template LoI1 and Template LoI2 – and can be used/modified if necessary. SKA Organisation will not be a party of LoIs. The SKA organization`s IP policy is included as a calendar in the protocol. Initially, it was intended that the strategy document would be submitted to the SKA Board of Directors for approval and then made available to the recipients of the RFP call, which is recommended with the intention of responding to it. Since the publication of the draft IP directive as part of the RfP documentation package, it has been subject to various inputs and, once all the proposals in the work package have been received, it would now be planned to make the most recent version of the document available to each contact person in the proposed consortium. A page will be created on SKA`s website to obtain and respond to information on the draft IP directive. These feedbacks will be accepted until June 28, 2013; At its Board meeting on July 24-25, 2013, the SKA Board of Directors is invited to approve SKA`s IP policy. The SKA organization should be a signatory to the DCA and therefore participate in it, as was necessary to achieve the above objectives.

SKA Organisation itself would not have been a member of the consortium. This is in some respects comparable to the fact that the SKA organization is the “customer” under the agreement and that each member of the consortium is a “supplier”, together the “suppliers” that make up the consortium itself.