Director Settlement Agreement

10.1 At the time of this Agreement, the employee shall immediately resign from his or her position as Director of the Company and immediately resign from any other position, trust or position held by the Employee within or on behalf of the Company or a Group Company, such resignations shall take the form of the letter set out in Annex 3. This template for the transaction agreement – director is up-to-date and complete; it complies with the Equality Act 2010 and section 111A of the Employment Rights Act (ERA) 1996. The intention is to settle all claims in full and definitively. 7.2 At the time of this Agreement, the employee warrants that he has all information relating to the activities of the company or a group company that he has stored on a magnetic or optical hard disk or memory, as well as all materials from these sources that are in his possession or control outside the premises of the company, irretrievably erased. This Agreement shall be considered unharmed and infringing until it is signed and dated by both Parties if it is treated as an open document proving a binding agreement. (c) the adviser shall complete and sign the certificate set out in Annex 3 to this Agreement; The deal below would be appropriate for a leader or director who has shares that he will make steadfant and that he wants to negotiate as part of his withdrawal package. .