How to Uninstall SneakPeek Pro

SneakPeek Pro IconAs you may be aware, SneakPeek Pro has been replaced by Art View. Quick Look had some sweeping changes with the release of Mac OS X Mavericks that makes SneakPeek Pro incompatible. If you’ll want to keep the Quick Look functionality that SneakPeek performs (and the addition of new, useful features), you’ll need to move to Art View. If you’re a current user of SneakPeek Pro and you’re not running Mavericks, you can download a fresh copy.

Wether or not you decide to move up to Art View, if you’re running Mavericks you’ll need to uninstall SneakPeek Pro. You can do that by downloading our uninstaller. But if that doesn’t work, or you prefer to do it manually, here’s how you do it.

Uninstall Manually

To perform a manual uninstall, you’ll need to delete files in the following locations:

/Library/PreferencePanes/SneakPeek Pro.prefPane
/Library/QuickLook/SneakPeek Pro.qlgenerator

When looking to remove the files mentioned, make sure to check both the Library folders for both root and home. In other words, start with “Macintosh HD > Library > Quick Look” and if you don’t find the files there, try the “Library > Quick Look” in your home folder.

You can access the home folder by selecting “Go > Library” from the menubar in Finder. Note on Mac OS X 10.8 and later, you will need to hold down the option key in order to expose “Library”.

Uninstall with Spotlight

Some users have found the simplest way to uninstall SneakPeek Pro is with the use of Spotlight. Just tap the Spotlight icon at the top right of your screen and enter “SneakPeek Pro” (without the quotes). Any files named “SneakPeek Pro.qlgenerator” or “SneakPeek Pro.prefPane” should be dragged to the trash (and emptied).

NOTE: After uninstalling SneakPeek Pro, you may need to log out to ensure your previews are updated accordingly.

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