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Professional Screen Shots
$19.95 Introductory Price (reg. $29.95) / free 10-launch demo

Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later (including 10.7)

Download v0.9.1
for Mac

from online store

Beautifully Elegant, Intensely Powerful, Professional Screen Shots for Mac

Why settle for just another screen capture program when you can have the best? Now with Clipt, you can capture areas, entire screens, even multiple objects with just a few simple clicks. Then print, copy, annotate, drag, organize and share.

· Select multiple windows, menus and the cursor in the same capture
· Capture to Clipt, the Clipboard, or to whatever application you choose
· Include shadows or just a 1 pixel rim with your object captures
· Add annotations such as Arrow, Text, Line, Oval, Rectangle, Showcase and more to mark-up your screenshots
· Obfuscate private information from your screenshots with tools like Blur and Pixelate
· Copy, Print, Export and Drag your images for sharing and importing into other apps
· Store and organize your screenshots and add keywords for easy retrieval
· Select resizable areas and entire screens before capturing and more…


Select menus and submenus all the way up the chain to include the highlighted menu title in the menu bar*.
Complex windows and menus render perfectly maintaining their transparency, pulling out just the objects themselves. So you don't have to worry about unselected backgrounds bleeding through. And true-to-form, windows behind menus and sheets even composite with blurring*.
Cursors can be captured just like any window or menu.
Clipt lets you capture objects with shadows, or without. It analyzes the objects, removing shadows, leaving a 1 pixel shadow rim. The result is a naturally bordered capture, even on irregularly shaped windows.

Click now to see the shadowless capture.
Clipt has the unique ability to capture several objects at once with simple point-and-click ease. Mouse over the screen shot to see some of its features.

* Menu bar highlight, and menu and sheet background blurring require Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later.