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    Lion Users - Check out version 1.1, available for download now!
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion with updated look.
  • Improved stability.
  • Fixed the "missing" Picture Style icon in the toolbar.
  • Miscellaneous bug-fixes.

Here it is! The first Quick Look Plugin geared specifically for photographers. No longer do you have to import a picture into a photo application just to get detailed information about the shot. With SneakPeek Photo simply click on the unopened photo file (no matter where it is, even on your card reader) and hit the space bar. Up pops the picture into a large view that immediately gives you the detailed information you need. On the top bar, the much needed basics such as the type of file, its size, f-stop, focal length, color Sfile (sRGB, ProPhoto, etc) even a mini histogram. But there's much more. Also on this view you'll see buttons which will give you Exif data, all the camera settings, a Loupe View with high resolution zooms, and a large Histogram to see the blueprint of your shot. If the photo is geotagged, you'll not only see the coordinates, but a nifty map of where the picture was taken. Plus there's even a link to a more detailed map online.

The clear benefit to this plugin is time and convenience. "I really didn't like to have to open a photo application, wait for it to load all the libraries, then spend time once again finding the one picture I needed information about. So I created SneakPeek Photo to use as a bypass to all of that," says Code Line President/Developer Matheau Dakoske. Now, you can decide which pictures you want to download to your computer, without having to download them first. You can poke in and out of libraries and spot check shots without having to open and close applications. Want to check out a picture just sent to you in an email? SneakPeek Photo does that too and all in an instant. Compare photos at a glance to see which ones make the cut.

SneakPeek Photo gives you access to the kinds of information usually found in expensive photo applications. The cost? Only $10 dollars. We believe you'll think our product is worth it, the very first time you use it. Try it for free for 15 days to be sure.

Who's got the time to wait? Now you don't have to. SneakPeek Photo hands you the information you need now, effortlessly and quickly.

Quick Look Previews on Steroids

Quick Look Previews Enhanced with SneakPeek Photo
Standard Quick Look only allows you to see the image without camera settings and metadata.

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SneakPeek Photo
Quick Look plugin for Digital Photography
$9.95 / free 15-day demo

Download v1.1
for Mac (Lion Compatible)
No Longer for Sale

Click here to see our online demo of what a SneakPeek Photo preview looks like.
This demo requires Safari for best results.
Read the 4 mice review

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System Requirements
Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Compatible with 10.6

Need to uninstall SneakPeek Photo? Download our simple uninstaller.
Lily Pond and Baby Hawk photos © 2008-2009 Matheau Dakoske| Mammoth Hot Springs photo © 2009 Jaxon Merrill