Art Files 2: Powerful Features, Easy Upgrade

Art Files 2 has powerful features that make collecting fonts and images for packaging and archiving your Adobe Illustrator documents faster and easier than ever. If you work with Adobe Illustrator and haven’t had a chance to check it out, click here to download a free demo.

Watch 3:30 Video about Art Files 2

If you’re already an Art Files user, and haven’t yet upgraded to version 2, take a look at what you’re missing:

  1. Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS5 and CS5.1 (part of Creative Suite 5.5)
    Version 2 collects documents from Illustrator 8 all the way through 15.1.
  2. Quick Look Integration
    Cover Flow and Quick Look previews make it even easier to visualize your artwork.
  3. Spotlight Enabled
    Broken links are no longer a problem. Just click “Locate” and watch Art Files find missing images for you, automatically.

It’s easy to demo Art Files 2 and purchase a license. Demos are fully functional and licenses are sent via email immediately upon purchase. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download Art Files 2 and drag it into your Applications folder
    If you’re already using Art Files 1, don’t worry about replacing your current version. You can always download it again from here.
  2. Run the demo and check out its new features
    It’s a fully featured demo until it expires, so you can see it in action on your artwork. Check out the video in this post to see how it can help you collect your digital artwork.
  3. Select “License…” from the “Art Files” menu
    From there you can purchase a license from our online store. If you have an Art Files 1 license installed on your machine, it’ll provide you with a one-click upgrade button that enters the previous serial number for you on our online store. Licenses are sent via email immediately upon purchase.

For more information about Art Files, or any of our other products including Art Directors Toolkit and SneakPeek Pro, visit our website at

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