Rental Agreement Bc Pets

If a formal tenancy period indicates that a tenant cannot have pets, the lessor can apply for a settlement of disputes and ask the tenant to comply with the tenancy agreement. If the tenant does not comply with the order, the landlord can issue notice. In principle, in such a situation, the outcome depends on whether the restriction of pets in the rental agreement is either one thing: the application, filed by Councillor Jean Swanson and Councillor Pete Fry on behalf of the Tenant Council, seeks a ban on the “No Pets” clause in the leases. He points out that because of the COVID 19 pandemic, British Columbia has been encouraged to stay at home and practice physical inseucation, which is particularly difficult for seniors, members of the House of Commons and people living alone. “Second, the city plans to lobby the state government to require the landlord`s permission to refuse pets and rental housing, as the rent law is being developed. So you have municipal laws that influence the day-to-day work of a city, and you have the provisional law which is the broad overlay. During a lease, the tenant must comply with the rules of the pet rental agreement. If a tenant decides that they want to have a pet, they must first check their lease. “Owners know that people have pets, many pet owners are good tenants, but many are irresponsible.

So that`s misguided. Many owners won`t say pets, but if you talk to them, they`ll eventually admit pets,” he says. According to B.C.s owner of the residential rental have the right to ban Hi I pets when I moved into my building 3 years ago my owner said it was normal that we had a fully trained 10lbs house dog and very friendly. Today, when she came, she said that he was not in the contract and that we must get rid of him. He is 10 years old and we have had him all his life. Can she move me male or get rid of him?? She has been here several times and she has never said anything about it. Thank you for living in the same house for 10 years and having a dog all the time. My owners allowed it, and we gave them a $450 deposit. My dog has just died, and my family and I are looking for a new dog. The accepting agency asks my landlord for a letter of authorization. When I asked for it, she told me I couldn`t have a new dog.

Is that legal? No, where my rental agreement says something about pets. And I repeat, she still had my pet depot 10 years ago. Hello Marie, thank you for contacting us with your question. It`s a frustrating situation. While I would like to be able to answer your questions directly, people to talk about renting a home and the rules surrounding your contract, would be the residential rental service. You can find your contact information in this blog post at “Where with questions or for more information.” I hope this will help and good luck in solving the problem! However, there is an exception for blind and domestic animals. Shroff notes that this exception demonstrates the social value of animals and how they promote the health, well-being and safety of individuals and families. She adds that pets are considered by most people to be family members.

“He doesn`t expect pets to cause any damage, and that`s the big separation here.” The landlord and tenant must inspect the rental unit by completing a status check report at the beginning and end of the tenancy agreement.