Sample Stock Purchase Agreement Between Shareholders

The purchase of shares can be concluded by agreement or online, depending on whether the company is not traded in public. For private companies, a certificate of physical action is usually transferred and obtained from the buyer from the seller. A share purchase agreement is a contract that allows companies to record the sale and purchase of shares of companies between a buyer and a seller. Restricted share purchase contracts provide the company with the opportunity to better protect its assets. When stock options are offered to attract talented employees, this type of agreement provides an additional incentive for employee loyalty. With this agreement, a vesting schedule is linked to the transfer of ownership of shares. A standard vesting schedule can be four years, which means you don`t own the stock before running the vesting calendar. There is no scenario in which the sale of shares would be wise without this agreement. The third article of this agreement, “purchase price,” provides for the amount of money expected for all shares sold. This means multiplying the “number of shares” stated above by the documented “price () per share.” Once this task is complete, type the resulting number on the empty line before the word “dollars” and digitally type it to the line in the brackets. It should be noted that the amount you set here is expected by the buyer at the deadline of this agreement.

In the next section of this document, entitled “Action Description,” several details are searched for its completion. The first is the full name of the “Business Entity” whose shares are sold. Look for the empty line called “entity name” and place that report in the part as you like. Continue with the second article in the line entitled “Entity Mailing Address” and then indicate the full address of the limited company (building, street, suite number, city, Land, postcode). Please note that this must be the official address of the company whose shares are sold, which means that all official notifications or business information must be addressed when you address that entity.