Syndicated Loan Agreement Pdf

To repay existing loans from financial institutions (including, Not limited to the stock of the 2014 syndicated credit (as specified) and to replenish the working capital, the borrower asks the Lead Arranger to organize the lenders and asks for a credit facility of NT 13.2 billion (13,200,000,000) (hereafter referred to as the “union loan”). As of December 23, 2019, under J-DEVICES CORPORATION, this agreement is considered to be a borrower (the borrower) and the financial institutions in the Schedule 1 lenders column as lenders (the “lenders,” each a “Lender”) and the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation as agent (the “agent”) as follows: the borrower asked the arrangers to extend an extended facility of NT90,000,000 (“easy”) to the borrower. This syndicated credit agreement (reference: Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Syndicated Loan No. 200901) is concluded by and between the following parties in Xinbei District, Changzhou City, on September 28, 2009: . . This second amendment to the syndicated credit contract (this “second amendment”) will be made by the following parties on July 14, 2017: This agreement is concluded on March 31, 2011 between TOMY COMPANY, LTD., (“mother credit taker”), GALAXY DREAM CORPORATION (“subsidiaries”) and, together with the parent borrower, the borrower and jointly the “borrowers”), the schedule 1 financial institutions as lenders of credit A (individually referred to as “Slice A Lender” and “Slice A Lenders”). , Schedule 1`s financial institutions as Tranche B Lenders (individually called “B Lender Tranche” and together “Slice B Lenders”), and, with Tranche A, “lenders” and together “lenders” and SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION (as an agent).