Transunion Subscriber Agreement

This is probably the cause of a change in account information that prevented the correct update of the account. Please contact the Data Acquisition Services workpool team at or (800) 303-9664. To request your transUnion subscriber code, please contact your data reporting manager. The reporting subscriber code is a unique 8-digit alphanumeric code, consisting of the lender`s grant ororent (Kind of Business), followed by the reference subscriber number assigned by TransUnion. This code identifies the subscriber who reported the data. Note that the report`s subscriber code is not the same as your passcode. The fields required to notify consumer credit information using Metro 2 are listed in the Credit Resource Guide (CRRG). To obtain a copy of the CRRG, please contact the data acquisition services team in the pool or (800) 303-9664 Files submitted by the original data providers will be tested and verified to ensure that they are properly formatted in accordance with Metro 2 guidelines and that they comply with FCRA rules. All problems identified during the testing process are discussed with the data provider before the data is loaded into production. As a result, the data provider must make corrections and submit a new file for verification. Please contact the Data Acquisition Services workpool team at or (800) 303-9664.

I can`t access TransUnion offers our valued customers a variety of services in terms of their data reporting requirements. Our report agents can discuss how TransUnion can issue a particular reporting scenario and give you the ability to test your changes and delete inaccurate data. Our investigation team helps you understand why a public account or record is poorly or not displayed at all, and we have a variety of options to keep your account information secure while keeping abreast of your institutions` addresses. We help you check your customers` accounts and make sure your data stays “clean” and complies with system updates. Contact us to help us get your unique 8-digit transUnion subscriber code, which identifies the subscriber who provided the data. Please contact the workpool team at or (800) 303-9664 To learn more about registering your transUnion subscriber code. Please contact your TransUnion sales agent to request this product. If you do not know who your representative is, please contact your data registration manager or data acquisition team or (800) 303-9664. The Credit Resources Guide (CRRG) can provide you with the policies needed to report business accounts.

For a copy of the CRRG, please contact the workpool data acquisition services team at or (800) 303-9664.