Work Camper Agreement

[Note: If you provide accommodation and/or meals in exchange for work, you must include a statement in your work arrangement in accordance with the following: “In order to properly perform their duties, this person is required to accept accommodation and/or meals provided by the employer as defined elsewhere in this Agreement. According to IRS regulations, the value of accommodation and meals will not be included in your gross income. “Check with your local accountant, as government regulations may vary.] Once you`ve submitted your RESUME, conducted the interview, and accepted the position, make sure your next step is to put everything in writing! When I say get in writing, I don`t mean a paper trail of emails, although that would also work if necessary. I`m talking about a well-detailed labor agreement that clearly states what is expected of you in your agreed position, what the hourly wage will be, how many hours, if any, are needed to pay for your website, among other things, which are super important. You should have this document signed and in your hand before lifting your catches to leave! For this reason, we strongly recommend that employers create a simple “work agreement” that includes general tasks, times, start and end dates, and compensation. The employer and the sampler must sign the agreement, and both must keep a signed copy. In a perfect world, the employer would openly and graciously offer such a deal to every sampler they hire, but this world is far from perfect and it just doesn`t happen! Some employers will be more than prepared and send theirs by the time you close the interview, others will make you jump through virtual hoops to buy one. You have to be persistent. Special? If you have specifically spoken to the employer about a special agreement such as predefined schedules or appointments you need to have free time, you need to make sure that these points are also fully listed in your employment contract! Working arrangements are not contracts, but they serve as a joint agreement between the employer and the sampler on what has actually been agreed. Sometimes you get hired months in advance, and even if you don`t, sometimes people forget all the details. Be sure to do your due diligence to get one for each position, and if you`re not able to do that, you`ll have to decide if it`s worth making your time and effort to make the trip without them.